Customer Support

We’re constantly refining the app to ensure the best user experience. Please let us know if you experience any issues via email:

1. The app doesn't use any BLOCK which you need to activate manually.

2. For configuring the app or wrapping types use only the app UI.

3. The app automatically injects "JavaScript" into your theme "</head>" tag which is automatically removed after uninstalling the app.

4. The app creates 1 file in your active theme "templates" folder:
NOTE: Do Not change or delete these files until you using the app.

Wrapify can be easily installed via Shopify App Market.
* Go to our app’s link:
* Click “Add app” button (you might be asked to login if you have not logged in to your Shopify account yet)
* You’ll be directed to your store > Click “Install app” button.
* Done.

After successfully installing Wrapify, it will appear in your app list in Shopify admin.

No coding required.
The app stores all of your uploaded images into your store theme assets folder. This means, when you change your store's theme, you will need to upload the wrapping type images again.
NOTE: Please don't delete the images from assets folder which names start from wrap_image_ while using our app.
NOTE: If your customer used Wrapify app, then you will see "wrapify-data" option on the right side, in "ADDITIONAL DETAILS" section.

Option 1. From "More actions" drop-down menu of order details page choose "View order status page". On Order status page you will see wrapping details

Option 2. On Wrapify admin panel, go to the "Order Extractor" section, choose the order which you want to extract and click on "Extract" button.

Option 3. Choose "Extract wrapping details" menu item from "More actions" drop-down menu of order details page in your store admin panel.

To customizing the texts, go to the Settings section and from Language drop-down menu choose Custom translation option.
Wrapify is the best solution for your e-commerce gift wrapping needs. Wrapify is unique in that it allows the customer to separate their gifts into different groups, with distinct and fully customizable wrapping for each. This saves a ton of time and energy for you, the business owner, when trying to make sense of how your customers want each product grouped and wrapped.

Plus, we have a bunch of other great features like cross-selling and gift box selling!
Wrapify is a great e-commerce app to help your customers customize their wrapping, and the perfect tool for you to efficiently manage and make sense of your gift packaging. However, we don’t get involved with physical gift wrapping and distribution to customers.
Good question! Remove Wrapify from your app list on Shopify any time before the 7 days are up to avoid starting a monthly subscription.
Of course! The app is designed to accommodate all of your unique wrapping needs and you can add as many options as you want. You can also add your own distinct icons for each wrapping type.
When the customer chooses their unique gift box, the system automatically generates a hidden “gift box” product.
A Premium subscription offers additional features like cross-selling and the option to sell your gift boxes separately, etc. You can always start with a Basic plan and upgrade to Premium later if you feel you need more features.
Yes, you can! Although the Wrapify icon will remain the same, you can change all of the colors for the button and pop-up window, as well as the icons for all of your gift wrap options.
We using Shopify's SctiptTag, it's a script which asynchrony loads from our server to your website and does not affect the performance of your website.
To completely remove Wrapify app from your store, please follow these steps:

1. Visit your Shopify admin page -> Apps page and delete the Wrapify app there.

2. Visit your Shopify admin page -> Online Store -> Themes -> Edit code: to delete the Wrapify app code that is still saved on your theme:

3. Then delete the file listed below:


4. If you whenever did action from the section "How to increase app loading speed?" of the current HELP page, then delete the integratied JAVASCRIPT which may exist in your "Layout/theme.liquid" file, it was set before "</head>" tag.